Mama Blends 6-in-1 Chocolate Drink

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This chocolate blend is carefully developed not only to help aid in boosting your milk supply but also in building your immunity.  Mama Blends 6in1 chocolate drink mix is made of powerhouse ingredients of malunggay, fennel, and ginger, and uses stevia, a zero-calorie natural sweetener to add a hint of sweetness to our mix. 

It also uses non-dairy creamer that is non-acidic, and of course, locally sourced cocoa that gives it its yummy, refreshing taste.  All of these ingredients are known to be good for recovering and nursing moms.


  • 1-2 cup a day.
  • For best results, dissolve sachet in 180ml of hot water. You may also pour over ice for cold, refreshing drink 

What makes Mama Blends Different:

  • No Sugar: we use Stevia, which is a natural sweetener with zero calories
  • Low Calories: only 64 calories per cup
  • Premium Ingredients: intended to directly target the needs of moms. 
  • No Unnecessary Extenders: each sachet only has 15g, packed with all the powerhouse ingredients


  • Fennel: well-known herbal galactagogue that contains its own unique combination of phytonutirents that give it strong antioxidant properties
  • Malunggay: powerhouse of anti-inflamatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal and healing compounds that benefit your heart, head, skin and more.
  • Stevia: natural sweetener and sugar substitute derived from the leaves of a plant, without the negative effects linked to refined sugar. It has zero cholesterol.
  • Ginger
  • Cocoa
  • Non-dairy Creamer


Although desired, we cannot guarantee increase in milk supply. This depends on many factors, including diet, hormones, and overall health. Mama Blends can also be taken by pregnant women, however if you have a sensitive pregnancy, kindly consult with your OB-Gyne first.

One box has 8 sachets.

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