Baby Mum-Mum

All the products are made in adherence with our core philosophy of using all natural or organic, high quality, and healthy ingredients:

• Mum-Mums are made with premium quality non GMO Japonica Rice. Japonica is the same rice species that is used for sushi, because it provides the best flavor, aroma and texture. It is milled in house to ensure highest quality and consistency.

•Minimizing the use of fat, sugar and sodium. The products are baked and low in fat with no trans fats and have no added fats or oils

• The products have no artificial flavors

• The products are food allergen free

• The package of the products in hygienic fresh packs for your convenience whether you’re at home or on the go

• It is only using non GMO ingredients to preserve bio diversity


The Mission for healthy baby snacks

• To provide all natural products of great quality, value and taste

• To offer all natural and organic product choices at a fair price

• To help our customers learn about growth, development, and healthy eating in a way that matters to them

• To support sustainability and help preserve the world by making green choices in all we do

• To provide a healthy and enjoyable workplace for all employees, with opportunities to grow